Marriage Coaching

If you’ve watched any sports game for longer than 10 minutes, you’ll notice that the coach calls timeouts strategically to group the team and reposition them for victory! Often times in our marriages, we love and love some more, but through the course of the “game”, we’re tired…frustrated, and sometimes need a time-out with the coach!

What’s even more amazing is that sometimes the coach calls time out, even when the team is in the lead! Why does the coach do this? Simple. Sometimes taking a mid-game timeout also prepares you to stay ahead and in the lead.

No matter what stage of the “game” your marriage is in, either behind on the scoreboard or ahead, coaching is critical to your success. I have the greatest fun working with married couples in private, confidential settings, where we can be transparent and you can get back in the game with confidence!

Consider a coach committed to your marital success. Whether you want a New Year checkup, a package for checkups along your first year, or whether you are in serious need of a time out coaching packages are perfect for any marriage. You can also “gift” coaching packages for marriages you know are in need of time outs.

Just like premarital coaching, we meet for an hour at a time, based on scheduling and availability, and we go over concepts and diagnose a game plan for you to get back in…or stay in the lead! Contact me soon as I assure you, you won’t regret it!

Let’s get back in the game!

Coaching Packages are simple :

$225 – 3 Sessions
$325 – 5 Sessions
$425 – 8 Sessions

Coaching is limited to *8 sessions during any calendar year. If after 8 sessions marriages are in need of continual serious counseling, couples will be referred to top notch licensed, professional counselors.