Bridal Party Blues?

January 12, 2011 by Pastor Ken  
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Having performed over 350 wedding ceremonies for valued clients (many of whom I remain connected to), I can almost certainly say I’ve seen everything. From the no-show maid of honor, to the ring bearer who should have probably been called the ring “barer” after dropping his underwear in the aisle to entertain the guests, the ceremony stories are endless.

Bridal parties are no exception to this. I’ve seen a lot with bridal parties that had me scratching my head on occasion.

Question: “Pastor Ken, should I allow someone in my bridal party that I or my fiance don’t get along with?”

Absolute Final Answer: Never. No. Absolutely Not.

If it’s the best man who hates the bride, the maid of honor who thinks the groom is a total dipstick, (or maybe the bride who hates the groom…?) the answer is absolutely not.

Wedding Ceremonies contain lots of symbolism…much too much to get into with one post, however the Bridal Party symbolism is critical. Those are the individuals who are “holding up” your marriage, and will vow to love you both unconditionally and support you throughout your marriage—even if it means not taking sides when it gets tough. This is not about a photo opportunity, or repaying a friend for their good deeds in college. If anyone in your bridal party isn’t supportive of your marriage AND partner 100%, then the answer should be a stern “no”. You didn’t disqualify them, they disqualified themselves. Don’t feel bad.

There’s always the reception. =)


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