{Day} or {Lifetime}?

January 25, 2011 by Pastor Ken  
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Quick! Which is more important? A Day, or a Lifetime? … No lifelines for this answer…you should have said a Lifetime! A day is a part of a lifetime, but a lifetime is more than a day.

Although it was an easy answer in theory, I’m afraid the practice says the opposite. Brides and grooms spend, on average, 60% of their awake time leading up to the wedding either planning, or thinking about planning, or dreaming about their ceremony. Coordinator, gifts, cards, reception, catering, dress, tux, DJ, flowers, limo, The Maryland Wedding Officiantâ„¢, party favors, honeymoon, hotel rental, etc…etc…etc…

If we spent 60% of our time and resources working on our marriage before the marriage as we do our ceremony that’s fleeting (with the exception of the pictures, video, or awesome service of our vendors), divorce lawyers would be out of business. Instead, people rely on their ‘love’ to get them through and spend their energy on the wedding day instead. It’s a good thing I have marriage coaching…that only started at about the 19th phone call from a bride and groom who ‘declined’ the coaching prior to marriage! “Uh…Pastor Ken…thanks for our awesome ceremony…uh…I know you do premarital coaching, but uh…is it possible we could talk about some things? Some stuff came up.” Sure! Yes it is!

What sounds better? “Honey, I love you…our love will never fail and we’ll stay together forever”? Or…”Honey, I love you so much that I want to make sure we have the tools to succeed in our marriage…and I want to commit to learning more before our wedding day.”?

Invest in some form of premarital coaching. We even have packages that start a small as (3) hours. It’s not the cost, it’s what it’s worth to your marriage….because long after the cost has been forgotten, the investment dividends will remain.


-Pastor Ken


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