“Who Gives….” You Away?

January 11, 2011 by Pastor Ken  
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There is no question that things are a lot different now than they have been before with regards to marriage and family. Instead of traditional backgrounds, brides more frequently have two families at the wedding (both parents remarried, for instance). This also trickles down into some new territory as it relates to some of the symbolism in the wedding ceremony (who lights the unity candle? Who participates in reading? Pictures? etc…)

One of the more frequent questions I’ve been asked recently with my brides and grooms is: “Pastor Ken, who should give me away?”

A bride may feel closer to her stepfather than her natural father.
A bride may have been raised by an uncle or grandfather.
A bride may have been raised by a single mother.

I’m sure you can add more to the list. You can see how this is becoming a very {real} and {growing} concern.

My advice is always: Go with your gut. I know that’s a bad word to use considering brides don’t want to hear the word “gut” at all! It’s your wedding day and you’ve got to be sure your comfortable in a spiritual sense of who will be giving you away to your Knight in Shining Tux Rental.

I do not recommend walking down the aisle alone though. This “giving away” has a great deal of spiritual ramification. Your groom must receive your hand in marriage…and the giving away not only signifies that he has been approved by the family, but more importantly…it speaks of {accountability}. My father-in-love gave my wife to me, and my shaking of his hand acknowledges my appreciation and my commitment to giving his daughter the best…she’s worth that and more. =)

So I ask you…”Who gives you…to that handsome groom?”


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